Liz Crefin, Chair
Mary Catelynn Cunningham, Assistant Chair   

Graphic Designer – Ken Winter

Facebook – Ken Winter 

Hotel Liaison – Pre-Event – Mary Catelynn Cunningham

Hotel Liasion – On-site – Dennis McCunney

Area Head – Gabi Morel  

Programming – Gabi Morel, Liz Crefin, Mark Richards and Monet Johnson

Anime – Miriam S. Benson and Laura Balsam  

Gaming – Daniel Adler and Double Exposure Envoy    

Gaming Staff – Kevin Greaves  

Green Room – Kathleen Morrison

Area Head – Mary Catelynn Cunningham  

Website – Mary Catelynn Cunningham  

Tech – Mike Panciera and MCFI

Area Head – Mark Richards  

Registration – Dave Cantor, Andrea Senchy, Mark Richards   Publications – Mark Richards

Area Head – Liz Crefin  

Dealer’s Room – Joni Brill Dashoff and Saul Jaffe  

Con Suite – Anne Marie Cunningham-Kugelman and Ira Donowitz

Area Head – Tara Walsh  

Ops – Don Weimer and James O’Connell 

Signs – TDB

Security – TBD