Melissa – Dance Instructor

Melissa found blues dancing in 2012. She’d never learned to dance before, but quickly fell in love. Within a few short weeks, she became a constant fixture in the NYC blues community. For two years, she almost never missed a class, and was an active volunteer and community member. Melissa was welcomed onto the FNB NYC teaching staff in December of 2014. She became more and more involved in the community, until finally taking over the event from Flouer Evelyn in Fall of 2015.

Melissa says that spreading her passion for the Blues community has only inspired her to work harder. She enjoys making sure that each and every student who attends her class feels welcomed and able to relax and have a good time. She enjoys Blues for the creativity it encourages, for the call-and-response conversations within her partnerships, and most of all, for the sheer joy of moving.

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