Carol Gyzander

Carol Gyzander

Carol Gyzander was a prolific reader of classic science fiction and Agatha Christie mysteries in her early days. Now that her kids have flown the coop, leaving behind the writer’s requisite cats, she’s gone back to her early love with an amateur detective novel in the works and a bunch of sci-fi stories.
She’s the Editor of Writerpunk Press, which creates anthologies of various genres of ’punk stories based upon classics. Carol wrote cyberpunk versions of Macbeth and Henry V for the first two Writerpunk volumes, wrote “The Clockwork Raven” for the Poe volume Merely This and Nothing More, and a steampunk story inspired by Tom Sawyer—wherein we discover that Tom is a mechanical creature—titled “AutomaTom” for What We’ve Unlearned. And there’s a Lovecraftian cyberpunk story in the current volume of ’punk stories inspired by classic horror tales, Hideous Progeny!

See what else Carol is working on at or follow her on Twitter @CarolGyzander

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