Masque Ball

We invite you to come celebrate with us at our Longest Night Masque! Come and dance and celebrate the night with us on the Saturday night of Heliosphere ! The longest night masque was meant to be a celebration of the return of the sun and longer days. Come celebrate with us as we share our love for each other, sci-fi and fantasy!

We are welcoming everyone to come enjoy a dance class before the Masque! We are lucky enough to be welcoming the talented dancers from Friday Night Blues and Blues Dance New York . We hope that everyone will find a move that makes them smile!

We are inviting you to dress up for the dance! Please join us wearing whatever it is that makes you feel awesome! Do not be afraid to to come as your favorite character or in something inspired by your favorite story! If costumes are not your thing, then just wear whatever is your thing!

Come take a break from all of the gaming and other assorted geeky fun with some celebrating, dancing and laughter!